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Rin Len @ Central Park
- 2010/03/03(Wed) -

Photo by Ervan.rvn

Sun [100228]

3 days ago, I went to Central Park with Mide (from Bogor). We went to Jakarta by train. It took some hours (and I caught Mide overslept there XD) and we met Dhanez "Hakeru" and Danny in the station. We went to the Central Park by busway. Kinda tiring... we had to change thebus. -_- The good thing was... we met new friends!!! YAAAAY¬!!!

Actually, I didn't want to cosplay that day, but Mide forced me =,= so we did RinLen cosplay.
My white hair clip was gone -_- And I have to find something to color my nail (bad english, forget the name XD nail... what? @_@). So I bought them in the morning. It was rushed!!! The location of the event was too far from Bogor.

Well, there were so many Vocaloid cosplays thet day. We found 4 RinLens ORZ. But Mide and didn't care. Our intention was to meet friends. (also, to proof that we are not alike) but..

WE DID IT!!!in a different way Many people thought that we were alike, some thought that we were twins LOL that's funny. Well, probably this is the best RinLen I've ever done :P
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C3 - Cube [Day 2] @ PRJ
- 2010/03/03(Wed) -
Fri [100226]

I went to C3 Cube (Cosplay Challenge Competition) - Day Two @ PRJ with Bogor fellas.
The members are me, Ruffi, Abuto, Usagi Chiba, Fei, Arif, Rizky, Nanu, and Otonk.
We went there by train, in early morning (because Usagi is one of the commitee LOL) and arrived at 10. Whoa.. so early! @_@

I saw some cosplayers (mostly, internet friends) but didn't want to ask them (too shy ORZ)

I cos as Rin from Glare PV

Photo by Alf

Actually, I spent most of my time by playing around... Well, I met some photographer/kameko friends in the afternoon. So, most of my photos were taken in the night! (which really fits the Glare PV)

We went home at 8 XD Almost caught out the train.

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- 2010/02/20(Sat) -
Nintama in Japan

Links :

I want to go there T_________T They will also held cosplay~ >w<
Want to do Nintama cos!
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Hellofest - FF Agito XIII (UNDONE)
- 2009/12/17(Thu) -
I would say it was undone. I didn't bring my weapon (flute LOL) and my friends didn't use theright trousers. Even my friend modified his costume. Ah, it was a bit disappointing...

Well, I didn't want to cos FF Agito XIII... I didn't finish my costume at the time. It was my fault. Next time, I won't ask anyone to make my costume. I won't believe them. Just make it by myself. Simple and cheaper, right?

However, we took some photos (source : My album on fb)

See, I didn't bring the right weapon.
I should crop it but I was too lazy to edit the pic. So, all of these pictures are unedited!!! :D
(LOL I just hate when someone says that most of Asian cosplayers edit their cos photos to make them look good)


I love this shot, actually. The darkness gives a very good feel~(I know, my bad english T-T)

Final words (not really XD), I'm sorry RIN!!! T-T We didn't do a good cosplay and shot! Next time, let's do double Blazblue photosession~!LOL
Ah, quite good enough... I was a bit depressed back then XD

OK!!! Next time, let's do the real photoshoots!!!! YEAH!
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UPDATE - [EVENT] UNJ Bunkasai : "When Gatot Kaca Meets Kamen Rider"
- 2009/11/24(Tue) -
UNJ Bunkasai : "When Gatot Kaca Meets Kamen Rider" was held at 21st-22nd Nov, 2009 at UNJ. I had devmeet and had fun with my friends. We did cosplay, but didn't join the competition. I cosplayed as Kagamine Rin from Fear Garden PV. Apparently, we met our friends.. and they had maid cafe food stand! WOW!<3

Oh, yeah!!! UNJ was a good event! It was held at 2009, 21st-22nd Nov. At that time, another (GREAT) cosplayers joined Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore. However, I did enjoy it. We couldn't go to Singapore doesn't meant we didn't enjoy this event.

I went there by Firman's car, bringing all the weapons (costume, makeup, etc, etc). We arrived in about 1 1/2 hour. The first thing we did before "henshin" was looking around. There was sooooo many people and sooooo many stands.

The best stand is Noble Road Cafe. It's a maid cafe. You can get a private butler or maid if you visit the cafe. Actually, the staffs were all cosplayers. I didn't visited the place although my friends worked there as butlers... -_-;a

Here is their fanpage on facebook.

Well, actually, I didn't visit too many stands. I was just hanging around with Bonkurazu people and intenet friends. I cosplayed as Rin from Fear Garden but didn't join the competition :D


Firman cosplayed Kamen Agito, but we didn't took any photos together. What a shame~ -_-

However, I took a photo with DEN-O!!!!

Apparently, I met deviantART people. Neko and Minachi Arisa cosplayed their original character. We took some photos together~ :3

And also, a lot of photos while doing Gajemeet (Devmeet).


This one is super blurry~

And also... some random pics!!!
4.jpg 5.jpg

Oh, I love my face here. They're candid, but looks really sweet. Aww, my innocent face!!! *slapped*


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