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another Soundless Voice
- 2010/10/19(Tue) -
another Soundless Voice
and it's really soundless =3=


Soundless Voice by me
bad pitch control AAAAAAAAAAAA
bad notes, wrong notes. why can't i sing well? i just hate my voice. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
i'm sorry. I'm so sorry. ><

well, it's not a cover song. i just want to sing, so i call it "try-to-sing song"
and because it's recorded by cellphone, no need to be serious about it.
i just want to try out my voice..

really, i should just kill myself. for singing and mixing badly.
and i'm bad at singing
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Try to sing - Matryoshka (Low version)
- 2010/10/16(Sat) -
I tried to sing Matryoshka...
and I'm failed lol (I'm bad at singing high notes. yes, it's contralto)
so I gave up and tried to change the key (to G XD;;)


Bad singing and bad mixing XD
short and bad. Recorded using my cellphone *rolls*

Uh, I messed up the song =3=
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- 2010/09/09(Thu) -
These came yesterday's afternoon.

New canvasa

Auntie went to Japan. She bought some souvenir for us.
These are my gift. What are they?

Now im waiting for my friend gift.. also from Japan www;

"giftie~ come, come to mama!"
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- 2010/09/03(Fri) -
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- 2010/08/27(Fri) -

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