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Slept Over
- 2010/07/13(Tue) -
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Whoa.. so many days left XD
Last Saturday, I had "bloody photoshoot wih maaaaaany friends. It was so much fun and was held at my campus XD! After the photosession, Nanu, Iko, Vindy, Alf, and I went to Rin's house to sleep over to watch World Cup match between German and Uruguay. Haha.. we were sooo sleepy ><

The day after, Iko and nanu went to my house to watch the final match. I watched with Nanu, Iko, my sis, my bro, and cousin. Actually, I was invited to watch at Lant's house but couldn't come because my mom didn't allow me (I'm sorry >.<)

It was fun (and tiring), after all.

1) I found this cool toy. Haha.. even it's old, I loove it *laughed a lot at the voice*
2) What do you think about it? LOL
3) While watching the final match, FOOD!!! <3
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