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4-days of fun
- 2010/07/08(Thu) -
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So tired I could say! 4-days-activities so tireeed~
I had no time to update my blog because I couldn't get internet connection. When I could, I was really tired as if I would die /slapped

Little Tokyo Ennichisai 2010

A bit problem that day but so much fun! I feel sorry for my friends.. my fault, I know. I'm really sorry. Anyway, I met some friends. Really miss you guys!!! After 2 months hiatus, lolol no matter after all. I was happy..
I went home at about 1.30 AM (ah, sorry mom ><) with Yuki, Raditsu, and some friends (?) from Komutoku. the 13 of us in a car. SO DAMN CRAZY! I couldn't move my body! LOL Well, I waited for Hanabi first. It was reaaaaally great! The best I've ever seen so far. And Omikoshi was good! Oh yes, there were so many Japanese and foreigner~ Banzai for bunkasai!

Bandung Trip

My family and I went to Bandung to see my bro's baseball match in Porda. Wow, the traffic was hilarious. We made it when it was still first inning. Uhm I didn't watch the rest match because it was raining and my cousin got bored but I think my bro lost. Well, no problem.
We slept over at my cousin's uncle house. Wow, a very luxury and nice house <3 The day after we went home but first we had time for shopping XD We went to BABE, The Clover Outlet (lol), etc. but I found some goods for myself on Old and New. Hahaha.. I love everything's there! And I found good shoes. Looovely~
We went to KFC for lunch. This time I gor Mr. Torres. Damn you Mr. Torres, you and the Pepsi fell on my foot. Blame my sister. Before going home, we went to Lembang first. Soooo coooold =_=

Something like Vocaloid Private Photoshoot

Haha.. from the photo it looks as if Luka raep Len lolol
Ok, it was.. tiriiing and fun! LOL
The kamekos: Nanu (sorry for the battery, will work for it later on), Bozu and Yuckie (thanks for coming)
Cosplayers : Me, Mide, Vindy, Olla, Zerris (thank you, good looking people *_*)
Others : Rin, Iko (ok, thanks for good help)
I felt like losing my self confidence =_= ah dunno why.
Well, anyway. Olla was REALLY HANDSOME!!! Mide was soooooo moeeeee >< Vindy.. haha beauty in tomboy as usual. And Zerris, another moe. *sigh* life is no fun without you guys..
oh yeah, we were walking from Taman Menteng to the station. Wow, what a day <3

OK so tired I was slept yesterday haha :D
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