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- 2010/05/23(Sun) -
It's wrong if you think cosplayers want popularity.
We do cosplay NOT to get popular, NOT to be famous.
It's our appreciation to cosplay. We enjoy everytime we roleplaying characters we love.
Some of my friends said, it's even better to do private photoshoot than attending events.
For me, both of them are fun. If you do private photoshoot, you'll get your own portfolio. If yo go to event, you'll meet new friends.

Well, one thing that make me sad, cosplay isn't a competition. Comparing one to others.. that's a bad idea. You don't want people talk bad about you, do you? Well, this is real world.

I think it's a good choice for every of you to keep your photos for yourself...
Or at least.. for me.

Besides, real life is your priority.
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