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Battle Royale Manga
- 2010/05/12(Wed) -

Done reading Battle Royale manga yesterday. It was full of violence and nudity. Well, inspite of that, I think the story itself is really meaningful. It's about friendship and the meaning of life.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed when Kiriyama Kazuma fought Sugiyama Hiroki. Well, jutsu and inner power are real but.. after the whole real-like plot, it looked unreal in the manga XD;; it's a bit odd~ LOL ah, whatever XD;;

Well, it's better to watch the movie if you want to get the real meaning of the story (because the violence and nudity can be really annoying). But it you want to see through each character lives, you had better read the manga too. I recommend you to do both, because you can compare them. Besides, it's not bad either. (well, for manga, no UNDERAGE ok?:D)
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