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Ookami Photosession
- 2010/05/01(Sat) -
2010, April 24.
It was a very great day!
Lant (mami) and some fellow cosplayer friends had private photoshoot in Bogor, my city (unusual XD). They had Ookami God Form Photoshoot~ You guys are greaaaaat~ >/////////<
Well, Akihi-san cosplayed as Kagamine Len from Setsugetsuka PV (the only costume that make me melt for now). AWESOME!

Of course, I didn't cosplay XD I joined the kamekos and enjoyed taking their photos~ Sure, cosplayers are great objects!

We also did stupid things and also took some omake (and candid) photos XD

These two photos belong to the cosplayers XD Because they agreed to do the pose~

Ruffi and Abuto


At the end of the day, we took photos together... cosplayers, kamekos, and helpers ^^

After that, we went to Lant and Tegrit's house to take a rest, had fun together, and ate pizza~XD

Thank you guys! Otsukaresamadeshita~

- SHin X as Bakugami
- Vi-chan as Nuregami
- Kika as Yumigami
- Whity as Tachigami
- Noroi as Yomigami
- Alf as Moegami
- Abud n Ruffie as Hanagami Duo
- Sora as Gekigami
- Echow as Issun Boshi
- Akihi as Len Kagamine (Setsugetsuka)

- Bayu-san
- Yukirou-san
- Garonk-san
- Yudha
- Hasky
- Hime
- Nanu

- meh
- Anise
- Akihi-chan
- Usa-chan
- Tegrit
- Velly
- Youna-chan

Props (for Glaive: Thunder Edge)
- Raditsu Camui
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