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Rin Len @ Central Park
- 2010/03/03(Wed) -

Photo by Ervan.rvn

Sun [100228]

3 days ago, I went to Central Park with Mide (from Bogor). We went to Jakarta by train. It took some hours (and I caught Mide overslept there XD) and we met Dhanez "Hakeru" and Danny in the station. We went to the Central Park by busway. Kinda tiring... we had to change thebus. -_- The good thing was... we met new friends!!! YAAAAY¬!!!

Actually, I didn't want to cosplay that day, but Mide forced me =,= so we did RinLen cosplay.
My white hair clip was gone -_- And I have to find something to color my nail (bad english, forget the name XD nail... what? @_@). So I bought them in the morning. It was rushed!!! The location of the event was too far from Bogor.

Well, there were so many Vocaloid cosplays thet day. We found 4 RinLens ORZ. But Mide and didn't care. Our intention was to meet friends. (also, to proof that we are not alike) but..

WE DID IT!!!in a different way Many people thought that we were alike, some thought that we were twins LOL that's funny. Well, probably this is the best RinLen I've ever done :P
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