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C3 - Cube [Day 2] @ PRJ
- 2010/03/03(Wed) -
Fri [100226]

I went to C3 Cube (Cosplay Challenge Competition) - Day Two @ PRJ with Bogor fellas.
The members are me, Ruffi, Abuto, Usagi Chiba, Fei, Arif, Rizky, Nanu, and Otonk.
We went there by train, in early morning (because Usagi is one of the commitee LOL) and arrived at 10. Whoa.. so early! @_@

I saw some cosplayers (mostly, internet friends) but didn't want to ask them (too shy ORZ)

I cos as Rin from Glare PV

Photo by Alf

Actually, I spent most of my time by playing around... Well, I met some photographer/kameko friends in the afternoon. So, most of my photos were taken in the night! (which really fits the Glare PV)

We went home at 8 XD Almost caught out the train.

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