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- 2010/02/16(Tue) -
For cosplay photography or professional photography, photo editing is allowed. It's needed, but it's not a must. Don't use it too much. It's bad, you know... I usually see many photos edited too much -_- Editing the brightness and contrast until you can't see the detail, smoothing the face and make it scary, etc, etc.
Oh, my friend said, it's botox face LOL

Just be careful, you don't want people call you "photoshopped", right? Internet isn't a place for your friends only. It's also a place for people you don't know. Your friends might say good things about you, but others... who knows?

Use it wisely, if it's only editing the level, brightness, and contrast a bit, it's fine. Besides, photos that edited too much can't be called as art, although the angle or technique are superb~

For some people who hate the photo editing, it's really bad. The only way to do this is use any software to edit your photos but make it undetected! :D So, when people see your edited photos, the already know your likely-unedited photos and that's still fine for them.

Last, use make-up to increase your appeal. It means a lot! Use it, you'll see the difference! (especially, when others take a photo of you. You can't edit them easily right? They will know your real face, not your fake-edited face)

Good luck!
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