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Me, Myself
- 2010/02/15(Mon) -

I'm really sure that people I know in my past live would think the same : "I've become a different person"

Yes, I do.
I wouldn't be here, posting blog like this if I didn't pass my entire life, connecting with friends and such. Internet is part of my life. I hate when people complaining things about internet. Everything has its own risks. So does internet. It would be grateful for me if you understand. I want to become a maturer person...

Yes, I do.
I'm now more comfortable of myself.. You know, ever since I joined Teater Genta in high school, I became more open person. But that wasn't enough. Sometimes, I.. could stay alone, hated myself for what I did. I didn't trust myself, nor others... Wearing a mask was something I used to enjoy~

Yes, I do
When I started cosplaying again this year, I feel that I'm changed. I've been sharing things with others. Last year was a hell, I didn't even want people know about my life. I wasn't brave enough to post my face anywhere. I was like that. Simply, just like an emo. But I was hiding things, maybe I didn't realize. I'm not really sure.

Yes, I do.
But will people care about me : now, before, and then? I don't know... The only thing I want to do now is working for my life, my future. I don't care about what people will say. Just enjoying things and let everything goes...

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