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- 2010/10/24(Sun) -
So now it's Trick or Treat photoshoot for Halloween.

Few days ago, Vfreschi asked me to cosplay with. She wanted to do Trick and Treat cosplay for halloween card~
With my short body, bad makeup and costumes, everything was done! It was a bit raining, but just for a while. And the lighting was quite fine!
Well, this makes me proud, I made those hats by myself from craft foam! I just love them!!

Those who are participating, thanks!
Vfreschi, Mideru, Olla, Pilih-san, Nanu, Iko, Ervan, and Kint!

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- 2010/10/13(Wed) -


Did the photoshoot last sunday (10.10.10). Lucky number eh?
Now the cast :
- Kirara as Miku
- Ulia ad Mikuo
- Mika as Meiko
- Yanagi as Meito
- Olla as Kaito (and KIYOTERU! www)
- Shi as Kaiko
- Neko as Len
- Valky as Rin
- Purru (me!) as Luka
- Shina as Luki
- Suzu as Gakupo
- Mii as Gakuko

Ahh, so many ppl were participating! We took many photos wwww I look really bad in this


But I had fun!

And also thisssss


nice belly~
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