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Vampire Life
- 2010/05/18(Tue) -
I call my lifestyle now : Vampire Life (again) lol

These 2 weeks I usually slept at 3,4, or 5 AM and woke up at 11 AM LOL
I'm a night creature <--dunno whether this word is right or not, but I try to use English. Pardon my bad language

ah, I miss stupid #vuck group on twitter. Remember our great time together back then? LOL (silly)
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Happy Birthday, Chiharu!
- 2010/04/15(Thu) -
Yesterday, April 13th

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Happy Birthday, MideKyon!!
- 2010/04/15(Thu) -
Yesterday, April 13th

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Muggles* in Cosplay
- 2010/04/02(Fri) -
Well, Muggles* are Muggles...

and they don't really know what cosplay is

but at the same time, they can do something we can't do

I hope they can tell critique for my cosplay

because they won't care about our hard work...

Well, it can be bad and good

depends on things you see in it

For me, they can tell us whether our cosplay is good or bad

because in real life, there is no one care about hard work.

People care about the result, that is!

* Muggle = in Harry Potter world, Muggle means people who don't know about Magical world. In this case, cosplay thing, Muggle means those who don't understand the real cosplay
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- 2010/02/20(Sat) -

The cosplay is great, the web is awesome... OwO
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