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sick =w=
- 2010/10/06(Wed) -
Just realized I haven't updated my blog recently. Well, actually, it's not. I updated some of them, but set them as private entries (draft).

Oh-kay. This is something that I can't tell anywhere.

I'm sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick.
No. Never mind. It's just flu and sore throat. But really, it's nothing.

Oh by-the-way, I missed Valshe's live today. And few days ago, I sent email to wrong address. FFFFFFFFFF you who told me that adress! and FFFF me who didn't re-check!

I'm so screwed!!

Still, I'm a happy person. Now is listening to Valshe and Vocaloids (all my playlist. I don't have to tell you, right?) and still downloading Valshe's live recorded by a precious friend. Thank you!
But the download speed is insane! only 4kb? FFFFFFFFFF
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I'm crazy
- 2010/09/12(Sun) -
You wanna know my ambition? It's true and im not lying.


oh this is good
please dont tell anyone, k?
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To do
- 2010/09/12(Sun) -
Tomorrow I'll buy glasses and hand-knitted hat. I want contact, wig, material etc etc n should go to tailor (later, k?)

Oh, I hv to write somthing here but too lazy to do that.
i will but not now. My head and body aren't working <-- AWESOME

yes, not now.

Oh i miss my friends *sob*
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New Hair
- 2010/09/09(Thu) -
fi-nal-ly! NEW HAIR wwwwww;;


(caption: "CHU! ")

.. short hair

OMG I love this. after 1 year www;
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- 2010/09/03(Fri) -

Please don't cry...
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